• 1. One species of Coffee called Coffea charrieriana is free of Cafeine. In which of the following countries Coffea charrieriana is grown?

  • 2. The science of map-making is

  • 3. Instrument used for measuring
    area on maps is called

  • 4. The land of maximum biodiversity is

  • 5. Who coined the word ‘Geography

  • 6. The art and science of map making
    is called

  • 7. The imaginary lines joining places
    of same height at equal intervals

  • 8. Imaginary lines joining places
    with same temperature are

  • 9. What is meant by the term “midnight
    sun” ?

  • 10. The well through which water comes out through hydraulic
    pressure is called

  • 11. On which of the following planetswater cycle is available ?

  • 1. Which country is called the Great Britain of the
    East ?

  • 2. In which State is the literacy rate
    of women the highest ?

  • 3. Among the world oceans, which

    ocean is having the widest continental
    shelf ?

  • 4. Which is the longest mountain

    chain on Earth?

  • 5. The cyclone that brought devastation
    in Bangladesh was named

  • 6. Which is the hottest place on

    Earth ?

  • 7. The region famous for many

    kinds of wine and champagne is

  • 8. Panama canal was constructed

  • 9. Grassland is called ‘Pampas’ in

  • 10. The equal length of day and night
    on September 23rd in all parts
    of the world is known as

  • 11. The “Grand Canyon” is on the river

  • 12. Major South-West Asian oil fields
    are located in

  • 13. Ports of the Baltic Sea remain
    open for trade even during winter

  • 14. The country where drip irrigation
    is more efficiently used is

  • 15. The civilian Airport of highest altitude
    is in

  • 16. The Daocheng Yading Airport is

    located in

  • 17. The largest producer of wool in
    the world is

  • 18. Japan’s famous shipbuilding Industries
    are located at

  • 19. To reach from Kanyakumari to

    Colombo, one has to cross

  • 20. The world’s largest and deepest
    rail tunnel Gotthard Base Tunnel
    is located in which country?

  • 1. India lies in the ..............hemisphere

  • 2. The fertile land between two rivers
    is called

  • 3. Consider the following statements and select the correct answer from the code given below: Assertion (A): All rivers originating from the Himalayas are perennial. Reason (R): Himalayas receive much of their precipitation from South-Western monsoon.

  • 4. Which of the following border is
    known as Radcliffe line ?

  • 5. India recently signed land

    boundary agreement with which country?

  • 6. Where is the Headquarters of the
    Botanical Survey of India located?

  • 7. Where is Indian Institute of Petroleum
    located ?

  • 8. Which cities were first connected

    by the STD services?

  • 9. Of the following, the town which
    does not come within the National
    Capital Region is ?

  • 10. Who was the first Indian woman
    to scale Mt. Everest?

  • 11. Which of the following is called

    the ‘shrimp capital of India’ ?

  • 12. Where is National Chemical
    Laboratory (NCL) located?

  • 13. According to a study conducted
    by Hyderbad’s National Institute
    of Nutrition, the healthiest
    of 14 fresh fruits commonly

    consumed in India with maximum
    ‘Goodness Index’ is

  • 14. The district which is not part of
    National Capital Region is

  • 15. Over the years, birth rate in India
    has _____ and death rate has _____.

  • 16. Raipur is the capital of which
    Indian State?

  • 17. Arrange the following cities in an
    order from North to South 1. Bhubaneswar 2. Chennai 3. Hyderabad 4. Cochin

  • 18. What is the source of natural energy
    of the hot springs at Manikaran in Himachal Pradesh ?

  • 19. Which State has the longest

  • 20. Which of the following states has
    the lowest literacy rate?