• 1. Which of the following High
    Courts had legalized gay sex in India during 2009?

  • 2. A federal structure for India was first put forward by the

  • 3. The Constitution of India was adopted on

  • 4. Which committee recommended to establish the Central Bureau of Investigation?

  • 5. Name the President of India who was elected unopposed

  • 6. Which one of the following Presidents of India served for two terms?

  • 7. The Prime Minister who was voted out of power by the Parliament was

  • 8. A national political party is one which received 4% of the total votes polled in

  • 9. Plural Theory of Sovereignty emphasizes the importance of

  • 10. Where is the objective of “Social justice” articulated in the Constitution of India ?

  • 11. Which Article of the Indian Constitution includes the Fundamental Duties of the Indian citizens?

  • 12. Which Article of the Constitution of India abolishes untouchability and forbids its practice in any form ?

  • 13. Which article of the Indian Constitution provides for the institution
    of Panchayati Raj ?

  • 14. Article 1 of the Constitution declares India as

  • 15. How many schedules does the Constitution of India contain ?

  • 16. Under which article of Constitution does Jammu and Kashmir enjoys special constitutional position ?

  • 17. The articles 17 and 18 of constitution provide

  • 18. How many languages are contained in the VIIIth schedule of the Indian Constitution ?

  • 19. Article 17 of the Indian Constitution provides for

  • 20. A proclamation of emergency, under Article 352, on account of war or aggression requires approval of the Parliament within