How to Prepare Competitive Exam in Short Duration


In this article, we are giving you a step by step guide for preparing competitive exams in a short interval of time.


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1.Always Start Early

  • It is better that you start early. Starting early will help you to synchronize your 10+2 board exams with other competitive exams.
  • What you have learned for the board exams is also going to apply for the various competitive exams.


2.For Next Few Months Forget Friends and Change Your Habits

  • For next few months forget about your friends. Friends are the major distractions. If you are serious about competitive exams then you can’t afford to waste your time.
  • I am not saying that you shouldn’t meet them altogether. You can meet only once a week for a small talk 
  • You also need to change other habits like eating, sleeping, watching tv or playing with your smartphone.
  • Eating less will help your brain to understand better


3.Chalk Out a Full Study Plan

  • Now you have to chalk out a full study plan. The plan is going to be short term as well as long term.
  • There are various subjects that you have to learn and practice.
  • How are you going to deal each subject? You have to create a time table where you are going to divide time for each subject.
  • For short term, in morning you can study history, in afternoon you can study polity and in Night you can practice maths.
  • For long term plan you have to allocate number of days for each subject. Harder subjects get more days as compared to easier subjects.


4.Start Practicing from Questions Banks Not Refreshers

  • As you know competitive exams have objective questions. When time is less then you have to go for a question bank rather a refresher.
  • Unlike refresher which tells the story, Question banks have all types of questions.
  • A question bank contains questions that are twisted and tricky. By solving these questions you will get an idea about competitive exams.
  • Question banks are the best way to solve different types of questions and master the concept in a short interval of time.


5.Follow the Golden Rule: Easier Subjects First, Harder Subjects Last

  • You have to decide yourself which subjects are easier and which are difficult.
  • You are going to finish easier subjects first so that you can give more time to difficult subjects.
  • You can’t waste your entire time on difficult subjects without going through easier subjects.
  • You are at least going to get more marks for the easier subjects even if you don’t answer questions from difficult subjects.


6.Always Practice Previous Year Questions Papers

  • You can easily find question papers with answers  in the internet .
  • By solving these questions you will get an idea how are they formulated.
  • You can’t solve it unless you have practiced beforehand.
  • So always practice previous year question papers. But keep it in mind that you can’t rely on previous year question papers only.
  • Don’t think by just solving previous year question papers you are going to clear competitive exams also.


7.Join an Academy or a Coaching Centre for a Crash Course

  • There is nothing wrong in joining an academy or a coaching centre. The best thing about them is mock question papers.
  • They conduct dozens of mock tests where you get the feeling of competitive exams.
  • By appearing for these mock tests you sharpen your problem solving skills. You learn various tactics that can help you solving questions in few seconds.
  • You get to assess yourself that how well prepared are you for the real exam.
  • Coaching centre will definitely help you in developing a psychology for facing competitive exams.
  • But there is a warning! You must not waste time chatting with your friends after the classes are over.


8.Never Forget to Revision

  • Revision is very important. Never underestimate the power of revision.
  • While planning you must keep some time for revision. Even if you are not being able to prepare for an entire subject then it really does not matter.
  • After doing a revision your mind will be fresh and you can solve questions lot better in the examination hall.
  • Revision is the thing that differentiates you from rest of the other students.


9.Finally Its’ Smart Work and Not Hard Work

  • In conclusion I would say competitive exams are all about smart work and not hard work.
  • You have to understand the subjects and only then you will be able to solve objective type questions.
  • So this is how you can prepare for competitive exams in last few months.
  • I would still say start early.