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World Environment Day 2023

  1. World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5 every year to raise awareness and encourage action for the protection of our planet.
  2. It was first established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972, and since then, over 150 countries participate in various activities to celebrate this day.
  3. World Environment Day is an important day to raise awareness and encourage action for the protection of our planet.

About World Environment Day 2023

  1. As the largest global platform for environmental public outreach, World Environment Day has been celebrated by millions of people across the world since its establishment by the United Nations Environment Programme during the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment in 1972.
  2. The UNEP has called for greater efforts to limit waste and transition to a circular economy, as well as releasing a Beat Plastic Pollution Practical Guide and encouraging social media posts under the hashtag BeatPlasticPollution.
  3. More than 400 million tonnes of plastic are produced annually, with less than 10% recycled and an estimated 19-23 million tonnes ending up in bodies of water each year. Microplastics also pose a threat to health, with each person consuming an estimated 50,000 plastic particles annually.

World Environment Day 2023: Theme

  1. The 50th anniversary of World Environment Day will be hosted by Côte D’Ivoire, with the theme of “solutions to plastic pollution”.
  2. In previous years, the themes included “Beat Air Pollution” (2019), “Biodiversity” (2020), and “Ecosystem Restoration” (2021). The theme will be announced several months in advance to allow for preparation and planning of events and activities.

World Environment Day 2023: Poster

  1. Every year, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) also releases a poster for World Environment Day.
  2. These posters aim to raise awareness of the chosen theme and encourage people to take action in their communities.
  3. The posters are distributed globally, and individuals and organizations are encouraged to display them in their homes, offices, and public spaces.

World Environment Day 2023: History

  1. The year 1972 saw a landmark conference organized by the United Nations in Stockholm, which prioritized the environment as its central agenda.
  2. The event also acknowledged the fundamental right of all individuals to a healthy environment.
  3. This historic conference paved the way for global efforts to safeguard and preserve the natural world, resulting in the establishment of the United Nations Environment Programme.
  4. Additionally, it marked the official declaration of June 5th as the universal day for environmental awareness.
  5. Since its inception, the UNEP has dedicated itself to numerous global initiatives aimed at safeguarding our earth’s resources.
  6. The inaugural World Environment Day, themed “Only One Earth”, took place in 1973. Since then, the occasion has addressed a variety of pressing environmental issues such as “Only One Future for Our Children” (1979), “A Tree for Peace” (1986), “For Life on Earth – Save Our Seas” (1998), “Connect with the World Wide Web of Life” (2001), and many others.

World Environment Day 2023: Significance

  1. The significance of World Environment Day 2023 is immense, from raising awareness about environmental issues to initiating transformational changes in environmental policies worldwide.
  2. As our planet’s natural resources continue to dwindle, environmental approaches have become overly politicized, and impact-lacking plans have failed to mitigate the devastating effects of climate change, pushing our planet towards an imminent ecological collapse.
  3. In such dire circumstances, World Environment Day 2023 stands as a powerful catalyst for environmental activists, providing a platform to voice their concerns and highlight the negative impacts of global warming to the global community.
  4. Losing lives, property, and biodiversity is just a fraction of the consequences of environmental indifference.
  5. For over fifty years, World Environment Day has been instrumental in making common people conscious of the plight of our surrounding nature and impelling them to take affirmative action.

World Environment Day 2023: Slogan

  1. Restore Our Earth – Together for a Sustainable Future
  2. Act Now, Save Tomorrow!
  3. Green Today, Clean Tomorrow!
  4. Our Planet, Our Responsibility!
  5. Plant a Tree, Save a Life!
  6. Recycling – The Future is Now!
  7. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
  8. Eco-Friendly is the Way To Be!
  9. One Earth, One Chance – Let’s Save It!
  10. Be a Hero and Save our Earth!
  11. Let’s Make a Change, For a Better Planet!