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GI STATUS FOR KERALA’S - IAS Academy in Coimbatore


Why in News?

Five agricultural products of Kerala- Attappady Attukombu Avara, Attappady Thuvara, Onattukara Ellu, Kanthalloor-Vattavada Veluthulli, and Kodungalloor Pottuvellari have been granted Geographical Indication (GI) status.

The Gamosa (traditional cloth) of Assam, Alibag White Onion from Maharashtra, Ladakh Raktsey Karpo Apricot and Tandur Redgram of Telangana also got GI tag recently.

What are the Key Facts about the Latest GIs?

  • Attappady Attukombu Avara (Beans): It is curved like a goat’s horn as its name indicates. Its higher anthocyanin content compared to other dolichos beans imparts violet colour in the stem and fruits. Anthocyanin is helpful against cardiovascular diseases along with its antidiabetic properties. The higher phenolic content of Attappady Attukombu Avara imparts resistance against pest and diseases, making the crop suitable for organic cultivation.
  • Attappady Thuvara (Red Gram): It is having seeds with white coat. Compared to other red grams, Attappady Thuvara seeds are bigger and have higher seed weight.
  • Onattukara Ellu (Sesame): Onattukara Ellu and its oil are famous for its unique health benefits. Relatively higher antioxidant content in Onattukara Ellu helps in fighting the free radicals, which destroy the body cells. Also, the high content of unsaturated fat makes it beneficial for heart patients.
  • Kanthalloor-Vattavada Veluthulli (Garlic): Compared to the garlic produced in other areas, this garlic contains higher amount of sulphides, flavonoids, proteins and also rich in essential oil. It is rich in allicin, which is effective against microbial infections, blood sugar, cancer, etc.
  • Kodungalloor Pottuvellari (Snapmelon): This snap melon, which is harvested in summer, contains high amount of Vitamin C. Compared to other cucurbits, nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, fibre and fat content are also high in Kodungalloor Pottuvellari.